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What is the Branding Mark of the Beast?

There many ideas out there of what may be the mark of the beast. Some believe that it may be a microchip planted in your right hand or forehead. Others believe it may be your social security number or a barcode tattooed on your right hand or forehead.

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and The Tree of Life

In the Garden of Eden where God had placed man, who was known as Adam and Eve were two specific trees. One was called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the other was called the Tree of Life.

What is Truth?

What is truth? How do we find it? Where does it come from? How will I know if it is truth when I think that I have found it? or, When it is revealed to me? There are a lot of questions that can be asked about what is real truth.

God’s Seal or The Mark of the Beast?

God’s seal is an important part of being identified as one of His own servants, because for one, those that have His seal will be protected, especially in the end times that are coming soon. Without it, there will be great suffering.

The United States Needs God More Than Ever

This country has been going down hill for many years, at least since the sixties. The people have been pushing God out of this country for decades. They have been blinded by their pride and the ruler of the world, “Satan”.

Trust God Always and Not This Passing World

Why not trust God with our life and our salvation? He is the one that created us and gave us life. He gave us perfect instructions on how to live and if we follow Him, we will have true happiness, peace, freedom and prosperity.

The United States In Prophecy

Iran calls the United States “The Great Satan”. Can you blame them? Can you blame them for wanting to see this country destroyed? I know Iran has many of its own problems as being the leading sponsor of terrorist activity, but…

In The Days Of Noah and Sodom

Luke 17:26 – 30, ‘As it was in Noah’s day, so will it also be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating and drinking, marrying wives and husbands, right up to the day Noah went into the ark, and the Flood came and destroyed them all.

Our Father Who Art In Heaven

Our Father, the one true God who is our spiritual Father and creator of all. He is the Great I AM… He is the only God who cannot have a limit placed on Him. Although, people are constantly doing so by bringing Him down to our level.

Thou Shalt Not Have Other Gods Before Me

Exodus 20:3 ‘I am the Lord thy God and thou shalt not have other gods before me.’ Before we get into to this, there are some people out there that believe that Jesus did away with the the Old Testament laws and commandments. That is not true.

Avoiding Burnout For Substance Abuse Counselors

Burnout could happen to any type of counselor, therapist, social worker or anyone that has to deal with people that have problems that effect them or others physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Dealing With Addictive Behaviors

Usually, when a person thinks of addictive behaviors, what comes to mind is either an alcoholic or a drug addict, but when it comes to addictive personalities, just about anything can become habit forming.

Different Stages of Alcoholism

Most of us usually know at least one person who is in one of the stages of alcoholism. They may drink excessively, can’t control their drinking, has tried to stop repeatedly, goes on binges, or just has no control over how much they drink.

Sheltered In The Arms Of God | Protection From Our Enemies

In the book of Jeremiah, there is prophecy about the United States, England and Israel. Church leaders should warn their flock.

Arrogant People Need To Be Left Alone

Let arrogant people be. Arrogance is from pride and negative thoughts with no positive outcome. They are on the road of self-destruction.

Jesus Said To Love One Another As I Have Loved You

Jesus tells us to love one another just as God commands us to do. Why?

Be Pleased O God To Deliver Us

Be pleased O God to deliver us is a sweet, little prayer that is very powerful. It comes the Psalms and it will help you to clear your mind when under attack or before you pray.

Believe In God and Lose Those Worries Fears and Doubts

Our carnal self has worries, fears and doubts which hurts any faith in God. Positive thoughts and emotions help us to be strong. Believe in God and grow spiritually.

In the Book of Samuel God Warned People About Government and Rulers

God warned the people of Israel about what would happen to them by having a king to rule them instead of God. Same thing goes for the United States. That’s one of the reasons why the United States is such a mess.

Removing Our Character Defects To Make Room For The Light

Focus on our character defects. Read about the good fruits of the Holy Spirit and the bad fruits of the flesh starting at Galatians 5:19.

Remove Character Defects

Some of our character traits keep us in the dark. They can cause us misery, to think in a negative way, behave inappropriately and cause negative emotions.

Choose Life Don’t Abort

Who are we to destroy what God has formed in the womb? He may have given us free will to make our own choices, but killing a baby through abortion should not be a choice.

What are Your Christian Beliefs?

Calling oneself a Christian is a big responsibility. If you want people to believe you are one, then you better act “Christ-like”. It is better to be called one than to label oneself as one.

Supporting Christian Youth Programs, Organizations and Youth Centers

Consider helping our youths by volunteering your time to Christian youth programs, organizations or youth centers in your community.

Acknowledge Your Sins and Make a Confession

We can make a confession, but first we have to acknowledge our sins. Jesus Christ will help us to see our iniquities and overcome them so that we can be righteous in the eyes of God.

Created Love or Uncreated Love?

There is created love and uncreated love. We can create all types of love, but it is not the uncreated love of God. God’s love is pure and never ending. Man’s love can be turned off and on.

Daily Evaluation of the Mind, Behavior and Emotions

We can overcome whatever is ailing us by doing a daily evaluation of our thoughts, our emotions and our behavior.

So Many Different Religions, Why Can’t We Have Just One?

Why are there so many different religions? What is the true religion by God? Jesus as the Son of God taught to love one another.

These End Times Bring Out Many Antichrists

These end times have lots of antichrists and false prophets amongst us. Follow Jesus and receive the Spirit of Truth.

Enduring Hardships Takes Faith To Trust In God

Enduring hardships can be stressful. The carnal self doesn’t see a positive outcome because of a lack of faith. Seek Jesus for help.

Evil Spirits and Demons and Fallen Angels

There is a dark side to the spirit world. There are evil spirits known as demons or fallen angels. Evil spirits are out to destroy mankind.

Keep Your Eyes On God

Keep your eyes on God and not man. The United States is falling fast. Too much materialism and debt. Call on Jesus Christ.

Faith In God During The Hard Times

Have faith in God to make it through these hard times. Suffering with worries, fears or no hope? Invest in God, not gold.

Idols Are False Gods That Could Bring Us Eternal Damnation

Idols can control our life. Don’t create false gods or worship or idolize anything from this world or you could be facing eternal damnation.

False Prophets – Teachers – Preachers

False prophets, preachers and teachers are amongst us. Take what they teach and ask Jesus to confirm it for you. Don’t always take what they teach as truth, it could be dangerous for your salvation.

Family Structure Is Important For Your Children

Family structure is important to our family life and our well being. Without it, children really have no structure, security or stability. They could grow up wandering aimlessly because of a lack of guidance from their parents.

The Fear of God

The fear of God has two meanings, one is to love God and the other is to fear His wrath. He gave us free will to choose a beautiful life with Him or a life of self destruction.

Where Do We Find Truth?

Are we looking for the truth in the wrong places? How do we know if we are being taught the truth? Jesus Christ is the Way and the Truth.

God Gave Us Free Will

God gave us free will. Don’t travel on the road to self-destruction. Choose eternal life and cease the destructive ways of the world.

Give Me Hope Now – Hope Can Be Practiced In Two Different Ways

Give me hope God and may I place my trust in you. For no man can do the things for me like you can. You know my needs and my faith will be with you always.

God Is Love

God is a god of love, He is not cruel as some may think. Noah’s ark was a chance at salvation which the masses rejected and so they perished just as many have and many will continue.

Gods Blessings and Curses to His Nations

God blesses those that love Him. The United States and England received Gods blessings. Soon they will feel God’s wrath. His word is truth.

Gods Will For Us

Choose Gods will for life. Promises of God. Living a worldly life. Accept Jesus Christ and find truth and life. Self-indulgent passions.

The Grace of God

The grace of God can save us. God is compassionate and merciful. He disciplines and gives punishment for ones that rebel against Him.

Icons Are Graven Images God Told Us Not To Make

God knows that man can be corrupted by graven images and that man would use icons such as, statues, paintings, crosses, medals and shrines.

Growing Spiritually

Growing spiritually is no picnic, it takes constant self awareness. We need to have a good relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a journey that is very rewarding.

Happy The Man Whose Sins Are Forgiven

Happy the man that seeks God for his salvation. He will become wise and enjoy everlasting happiness, peace, joy and freedom from the clutches of the world.

Seek The Holy Spirit for Guidance

We need the Holy Spirit to help us discern truth. You don’t know what is true or untrue when you hear a preacher preach or a teacher teach. Your salvation could depend on it.

Are You Placing Your Hope and Faith in Man Over God?

Do we place our hope and faith in God or man? What good is faith without works? Why do we have worries, fears and doubts?

Is Your Hope For Change In God Or Man

Hope for change goes to God, not man if we want happiness, joy, eternal life, peace and love. United States, England and Israel need.

Putting Our Hope In God Instead Of Man

We place our hope in God or in man. God gave us free will to choose. We can be stress free if we choose God or join in on the fall of man.

How to Trust God With Faith

Learn how to trust God with faith, we need to lose our worries, overcome fear and doubts. Believe in Him with our heart, soul and mind.

Our Human Behavior Can Re-act In A Negative Way

Take a moral inventory of ourselves. Human behavior and spiritual behavior are different. Things that cause us to re-act in a negative way.

Pride Feeds The Flesh While Humility Feeds The Soul

Humility is food for the soul. It is kind, caring, gentle, loving and it knows true happiness and God. Pride feeds the flesh with its sin of corruption, greed, hate and other forms of darkness and misery.

Icons – Who Or What Do You Worship?

Icons, what do we need them for? God does not want us to be inspired to worship Him from things like statues, artwork or chunks of wood. His creation and the love that He has for us is plenty.

Idols – What Fills Your Heart?

What idols fill your heart? Are they people, material things or something else? God is the only one that we should be worshipping. He is our creator and the giver of everlasting eternal life.

Is Gods Word True? Is The Bible True? Prove It

Is Gods Word or the Bible true is a question asked by many and usually followed by, “Prove it”. The Bible needs to be proven by you.

Is It Sanity or Insanity?

Are we sure that we are sane? or can we be insane? It all relies on how we look at it and what our goal is in life. Would you choose to live in poverty or a life that is comfortable?

Is There a God? Is The Word of God Real? Does God Exist?

Is there a God? Does God exist? Can we find out if God is real? What about the existence of God? Open your mind and have faith in God.

Jesus As Your Savior

When we accepted Jesus as our Savior, were we willing to do anything like, pick up our cross and follow Him daily? or Renounce our worldly life and follow Him?

The Kingdom Of God Is Where We Need To Set Our Hearts

The Kingdom of God can be found not by human nature, but by following Jesus. Receive the Light of the Lord and learn Truth.

Get To Know God and Be Blessed With The Fire Of His Love

Get to know God and see for yourself how kind He is. Some people think that God is cruel or He doesn’t exist. He’s a Loving God.

Learn How To Know Thy Enemy With God and Jesus Christ

Know thy enemy, find protection with God and Jesus. People of the United States and England should read Isaiah, Deuteronomy and Ezekiel.

Are You Suffering From a Lack of Faith and Trust in God?

Do you lack faith and trust in God? Do you have worries, fears or doubts? Do you Trust God? Put your hope in God.

What is Life After Death?

Are you preparing yourself for life after death? What we do here on earth is going to affect what our life is going to be after this flesh body passes on. God offers life, the world offers death.

Seek Life in God Through Jesus Christ and Learn Truth

Find life in God through Jesus and learn truth to escape spiritual death. Seek security in God & not this passing world.

How To Live A Happy Life By Thinking Positive And Changing Our Habits

Live a happy life by changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts and making behavioral modifications to ourself and our environment.

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd and I will follow Him because He is the Way back to God, He is Truth and Life. No man should be trusted when it comes to your salvation.

Love God As He Loves You

Love God by showing Him how much you desire to be with Him by growing spiritually and being uncontaminated of the worldly things. Love your fellowman because this pleases God.

Love One Another

“Love one another” – Imagine if everyone practiced this throughout the world. It would be such a beautiful place. Why do people have to hate?

Love Your Neighbor

Love your neighbor may be hard considering if they treat you in a bad manner. We must practice in order to change others just as Jesus did. Show your love, it can be contagious.

Making Amends

We need to try to make amends to those that we have harmed without opening old wounds. We need to forgive those that harmed us.

Materialism Is An Unhealthy Practice For Your Soul

Materialism is unhealthy, it can cause shopping addiction. Don’t be storing up treasures in your heart, but store up treasures in heaven.

Our Moral Values Are On A Decline

The desensitizing of our moral values is causing great darkness in the world today. Each generation is getting worse and worse because of the exposure of immorality when they are young.

Returning Back To God and Getting To Know Who God Is

This is about how we can get to know God and put the “God works in mysterious ways” to rest. It does take faith, commitment and a lot of work.

Make A List Of Our Iniquities or Wrongs

We need to make alist of all our wrongs, iniquities and resentments and prepare to make good on them by asking for forgiveness and other ways.

Reaching the Point of Desperation

Don’t be a victim of despair by losing hope. Put your hope in God and not man. Desperation can cause us to do things we normally wouldn’t do.

Powerless Over Ourselves?

We can be powerless over our pride and engage in acts that are an abomination to God. Things like self indulgence will give birth to many sins. Learn from Jesus and overcome your pride.

In Pursuit Of Happiness To End The Darkness

The pursuit of happiness can be an endless journey if you take the wrong road. Everlasting happiness, peace, joy and true freedom can only come from God.

Rebellion Against God

A rebellion against God by any nation can only lead to a devastating disaster. God has a lot of patience because He only withdraws His blessings gradually hoping that people will wake up.


Ask Jesus to help you come to repentance with a contrite heart. Confess your sins and be baptised with the Holy Spirit.

Made A List Of Our Iniquities and Resentments

There are no justified resentments. We need to get rid of our iniquituous behavior and resentments and recovery will follow.

Sanity or Insanity – How Do We Really Know?

What is sane and what is insane? What does our carnal eyes, the carnal mind, our spiritual eyes all have to do with sanity or insanity?

Self Will – Take An Inventory Of Ourselves

Our self will controls our thoughts, emotions and behavior. It is dominate over our soul. We need to overcome our carnal self to find true peace and happiness that comes from God’s will.

The Sin of Pride and Practicing Humility

Pride gives birth to all sin and man is corrupt with pride. Jesus can help us to overcome our pride and become humble. Without being humble, we can’t grow spiritually.

Holy Spirit and Spirits and Ghosts and Angels

Spirits are real whether you choose to believe in them or not. If they weren’t, God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit wouldn’t exist. Satan and the demons rule the air.

Spiritual Disciplines – 12 Ways To Grow Spiritually

Here are 12 spiritual disciplines that can help you to grow spiritually and overcome the negativity and darkness that is associated with our carnal minds and our human nature.

What Is Suffering All About?

Here is an understanding about the different types of suffering that we experience and why. Suffering can make us stronger and help others.

Preachers and Teachers Need To Be Tested

We need to be careful of the wolves disguised as men of God. They could be anyone like, a preacher, teacher or anyone that attends Christian churches.

Trust in God With Faith and Grow Spiritually

Trust in God with faith and grow spiritually. Go through tests and trials without stress. Receive peace, joy and everlasting eternal life.

The Free Will Of Man

When you accept Jesus into your heart, you should have given your will over to Him. Basically, we are trading our will for God’s will and a life that is much more managable.

The Greatest Nation – What Happened To The United States?

The United States was once the greatest nation in the world, but now it is laughed at. This nation is in financial turmoil as well as in spiritual decay. Bring God back before it’s too late.

The Rapture Theory

The Rapture theory is believed by many Christians. They believe that before the tribulation period, they will lifted up into the air to meet Jesus. Is this true or false doctrine?

What Does The United States and England and The Roman Empire Have In Common?

The Roman Empire, United States & England were great empires. They are clothed in immorality, corruption, spiritual decay and abominations.

A Daily Evaluation Of Our Thought Process

Change our thought process. Take a daily evaluation of ourselves. Dealing with emotions and stress. Control our emotions.

Materialism – Treasures Of The Heart

Materialism can get out of hand and fill your heart with idols and false gods. This is self destruction for your soul. Better to be rich in the spirit than rich with worldly goods.

True Confessions – Looking Inward

A true confession comes from a contrite heart. Confession involves making an inventory of oneself and confessing one’s sins to God and another person.

Putting Our Trust In God Requires A Lot Of Faith

Trust in God with your mind, heart and soul. He can protect us and help us where man cannot. Don’t fall into despair when times look gloomy, trust in God.

Truth – Who Is Teaching You?

Who is teaching you Truth? A bible teacher, your preacher or someone else? How do you know if what they are teaching and preaching is truth?

Suffering Can Be A Learning Process

We all suffer in our lives, emotional, physical or mental. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can provide comfort to us in our suffering.

The United States Is A Dying Nation

The United States is a dying nation. Seek protection in God and receive the seal of the Holy Spirit by doing God’s will. Always Trust God.

The United States And England Are Destined To Fall As The Roman Empire Did

Can the United States and England fall as the Roman Empire did? They are practicing the same mistakes that the Romans did. If these two nations don’t get their act together and follow God’s law, they will fall hard.

Equanimity – What Plane Are You On?

Equanimity is a beautiful place to be because you are always calm and peaceful inside no matter what happens. No stress and nothing can really bother you. It’s peace at its finest.

Who Is God?

Who Is God? Is God A Loving God or A Cruel God? He is pure love. His Son Jesus Christ. The eyes of God our Father. The Spirit of Truth.

Who is the Antichrist?

Who is the antichrists have been on many minds. Seek the truth and you will know them, Let Jesus Christ give you the Spirit of Truth.

Why Do You Hate Me My Brothers and Sisters?

Why do you hate me my brothers and sisters? Shouldn’t we love one another instead of saying, “I hate you?” Hate it or love it.

Why Do We Say God Works In Mysterious Ways?

They say God works in mysterious ways. Follow Jesus on a spiritual journey and receive the Spirit of Truth. Then you will know who God is.

Worries Fears Doubts

Worries, fears and doubts are a sign of spiritual weakness, a lack of faith in God. If we are going to worship and love God, then we need to trust Him. Put your burdens in His hands.

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