Believe In God and Lose Those Worries Fears and Doubts

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Believe in God and Grow Spiritually

What is there to worry about if you believe in God? Usually there are only two outcomes to a situation that one worries about, a positive or a negative.

So, what it comes down to is people that worry always choose the negative outcome and they dwell on it and also fabricate all different kinds of outcomes. Why is this? Why can’t people choose to think about a positive outcome? It’s because that’s the way we are in our carnal self.

We don’t project ahead looking for the positive that can come from what we see as a negative. What we must do is change our mindset and think positive. Somewhere down the line there is a positive, but if we continue to blind ourselves with negatives then we will never see the positive.

There is also a lot less stress involved in projecting a positive outcome. Basically, it’s all about facing life. Life is always going to be full of ups and downs and the sooner you accept the downs the happier your life will be.

What is there to fear if you believe in God? Nothing. If we have faith in God then we should fear nothing. Some confuse fear with common sense. Common sense will keep you safe.

For instance, fear can cause you harm if you panic just like if you were in a movie theather and a fire broke out. Fear would set in on most of the people in there and it would such a rush to get out, many people will get hurt or trampled to death.

People fear dying, Why? You’re going to die someday, it’s inevitible. If you have a fear of dying, then you must not be right with God.

Worrying is a form of fear and they both can cause serious mental, emotional and physical problems. I heard that 75% of the people in mental institutions are there because of fear. People drive themselves into a state of depression from worries and fears, sometimes so deep that they never recover.

If you Don’t Put Your Faith In God, Where Are You Going To Put It?
Doubts along with the worries and fears will kill faith. Any type of doubts no matter how small will kill faith. If you believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and still have doubts, then you are weak in faith and lack trust in God.

Seek the truth by expanding upon what you are doubting. Have trust in God that He will help you. Without faith and trust in God, it’s the same as not believing. Whatever you do, get rid of these three that will keep you from growing spiritually. So, Trust God and have faith in God.

God Bless You

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