The United States and England Are Dying Nations

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Man Seems To Corrupt Whatever God Made Good

The United States and England are in great turmoil and many people can’t even see it. They just go about living their lives like nothing is wrong. There is a lot more coming in the near future that we have to prepare ourselves for. If we don’t do God’s will, then we will have to go through these times of tribulation without the protection of God.

The United States and England are going to fall, there’s no stopping it because people do not want to let go of their immoral ways. If everyone in these nations would turn back to God and adhere to His ways, He will protect us and bless us once again. These nations are too far gone to turn around by people alone it is going to take God’s hand to do it for us, but we have to be willing to accept Him once again.

What is going to happen to the United States and England is definitely going to be one for the books. If you read in the Old Testament about what happened to Jerusalem then you will see what is going to happen to these two rebellious nations and it’s probably going to be much worse.

There is still time to seek protection in God, but don’t wait before it’s too late. He even writes in the Old Testament how He protects those that are His. It is also documented in the New Testament in Revelation. It called the seal of the Holy Spirit and it is placed there so that all the curses that God is going to unleash upon these nations will not affect those that have this seal. If you want to read about the seal, it is located in the Old Testament in a few places such as, Deuteronomy 6:6-8, Ezekiel and so on.

Jesus Christ can lead you back to God and also teach you truth. Save yourself and seek protection in the arms of God and don’t put your trust in man to save you, Trust God, He is for real. God Bless You

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