Daily Evaluation of the Mind, Behavior and Emotions

Daily Evaluation Podcast

Keeping Our Thoughts, Emotions and Behavior in Check

Now that we have made amends, it’s time to keep from doing the same things that we had to make amends for over again. We can do this by overcoming our pride which affects our mind, behavior and emotions. It begins by the way we think and how we bring into ourselves the actions of others.

I suppose you could say that if we were alone, we wouldn’t be affected by other people and we, ourselves, wouldn’t be able to affect others by our actions. You could do this if you choose to be a hermit, but many of us don’t have that choice. And even if we did, how could we ever overcome our flesh and learn to love our brothers and sisters in the way God wants us to?

We need to on a daily basis, evaluate ourselves. Look at the things that happened during the day and see how we handled them. Did we handle things in a mature and spiritual way or did we lose? If we did lose, then we need to see why and correct it. We need to fight the good fight, like Paul says. When we are wrong we need to admit it, no more excuses.

Things are going to continue to attack and hurt our pride as long as we allow it. This is why we need to overcome the things that bother us, because they’re going to continue to attack us until we do. We can start by practicing self awareness. Before, it was easy, we weren’t working for righteousness, but now that we are, we are at war, not only with our flesh but the powers of darkness as well. If we continue to win the battles, the things that used to bother us seem like nothing more than a mosquito bite, instead of an all day affair in our mind.

We need to correct ourselves and change the way we think about the things that disrupt our emotions and our souls. We need to see things, all things as positive and if we do, they will turn out to be just that. Sometimes we will see it immediately, sometimes not at all. We have to be positive, this is a part of our faith in God. We need to see the darkness that is in us and work towards purifying ourselves on a daily basis. Get in control of your thoughts, behaviors and emotions.

Be considerate of others. Don’t constantly think about yourself, think about others. If we practice the good fruits (Galatians 5:22), and develop them and make them a part of our daily lives, we will find that there will be no bad fruits (Galatians 5:19 – 21) growing in our tree. So keep an eye on yourself and ask Jesus to show you the way to overcoming, because you want to do God’s will.

God Bless You

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