Returning Back To God and Getting To Know Who God Is

Podcast for Getting To Know Who God Is

Learn About God

This is about getting to know who God is and put the “God works in mysterious ways” to rest. It does take faith, commitment and a lot of work and we do this with the guidance of Jesus Christ.

He takes us on a journey to unlearn us and then learn us the truth. He will teach us how to ovecome our defects, fight temptations and grow in virtues. He we help us to save ourselves from ourselves. He will lead us back to God.

The Light Of Faith Is Like Darkness To The Flesh

Our soul will dominate our flesh and we will see with spiritual eyes and not our carnal eyes. We will grow to spiritual maturity and be in union with God once again. We will see that what is written in the Bible is truth. We will see that what we went through is also written in the Bible.

We will understand that what happened God did for a reason and we’ll see why He did it. It’s beautiful getting to know who God is and realizing that He is our Father and to be filled with His love burning like a fire in our soul.

God is a Merciful God

God knows what we go through and the struggles that we have trying to do the right thing. He is patient and He tries to help us when we need it. It depends on whether we will accept His help or try to do it our way.

Doing things God’s way is much better and there’s less pain involved. I hope that everyone makes it back to God, but there is only one way and that is through His Blessed Son Jesus Christ our Savior.

May God Bless You Always

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