What Does The United States and England and The Roman Empire Have In Common?

The United States and England Podcast

The Roman Empire was one of the greatest empires that had ever existed. The United States and England were once great empires, but not any more. They are declining fast as they clothe themselves in immorality, corruption, spiritual decay and every other abomination that God despises. Just as the Roman Empire doesn’t exist anymore, do you think that these two nations will wake up in time to save them selves from exstinction? Only time will tell.

God has warned these two nations and He has been patient with them. He has been withdrawing His blessings from these nations and has been cursing them as it states in Deuteronomy 28. These nations are experiencing terrorism without the terror, bad economies, strange weather patterns, corruption, violence, division, bad administration in government and so on.

This is what happens when people push God aside like they don’t need Him. Man always thinks that they can do it better. Read the Old testament, the same thing that happened there is happening now, history repeats itself. A prophecy that is written in Jeremiah will tell you what is going to happen to the United States and England.

It can be stopped if man would clean up their abominations and bring God back in, but sad to say it won’t happen because man is just too stubborn. In order for man to come to his senses, God is going to have to send out curses that no man has ever seen or experienced. Those that change their ways will be protected and those that don’t will perish.

Do think that it is fair for people that want to live righteous lives and bask in the blessings from God to have to put up with all the evil that exists? Do you think that it is fair for the little children to suffer from diseases that man brings about because of his wickedness? God feels that it isn’t fair and remember, He created this planet as well as us. He has the right to make the law which we need to abide by. It is for our own good. Please God and Trust in Him.

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