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Sheltered In The Arms Of GodIn The Arms Of God
Psalm 18: 1-3, ‘I love you God, my strength (my Savior, you rescue me from violence). God is my rock and my bastion, my deliverer is my God. I take shelter (trust) in Him, my rock, my shield, my horn of salvation, my stronghold and my refuge. From violence you rescue me. He is to be praised; on God I call and am saved from my enemies.’

In these days of unsettling times, we can’t trust our security to man (or at anytime for that matter). Whether it would be for our job, the government, to teach us truth or to save us from our enemies.

The United States is More Vulnerable Than Ever

The United States and England are sister nations to Israel. God blessed all three of these nations abundantly. Things have changed and so have the people of these once God fearing nations.

God’s wrath is about to be poured down upon these nations like man has never seen before and it has already started. It is because the people have turned their backs on God, rebelled against Him.

God has once protected these nations from their enemies, but all that is soon to be changed. These nations are going to fall and fall hard they will. Haven’t these three nations learned anything from the Old Testament? History does repeat itself. While many will still choose to not heed these warnings, some will and they will be sheltered in the arms of God.

God is Patient and Slow to Anger

God is a patient God and He will release His punishment slowly, but man is to blind and stubborn to notice the signs. Man would rather die grabbing hold and clutching the very things that brought to him his destruction, instead of being released from the bondages of this world and finding joy and happiness forever with God.

Biblical Prophecy

The book of Jeremiah explains what will and is going to happen to these three nations. Are your church leaders warning you about the times ahead or are they like the Laodiceans? Are they teaching you truth and how do you know for sure that they are?

Our enemies are all over the place, this is Satan’s world, it is not God’s world. This why you need to put your trust solely in God and be sheltered in the arms of God.

Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are from God and they will teach you truth and guide you. God offers protection, joy, peace, love, eternal life and freedom from the bondages of this passing world. While Satan offers you nothing’ but misery, temporary happiness and death in the things of this world.

I hope and by the power of prayer, I pray that everyone will eventually see that what this world has to offer is nothing compared to what God can give and that the Lord keep you safe. God is truth and Satan, as the master of the air and this world is a liar. He will cause you to lose your soul and keep you in the darkness.

We Have a Choice

The choice is yours, God gave us “Free Will” to choose our own destiny. I hope and pray that you heed this warning my brothers and sisters and keep in mind that Jesus Christ is the True Church of God. May God bless you all forever and ever.

“It’s not about what my enemies can do to my body,
it’s more about what they can’t do to my soul.”
Protected in the Arms of God – John C Park III

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