Idols Are False Gods That Could Bring Us Eternal Damnation

Idols Are False Gods Podcast

Creating False Gods

Don’t worship false gods. There is only one God that we should be praising. When we idolize people or material things than we are putting these things into our heart which in turn will anger the one true God. We are not supposed to have idols and worship or adore these things by creating false gods out of them.

Many people attach themselves to people and material things that cause them to control their way of living, their emotions, their thoughts and their love. By doing this, they are directing themselves away from God and this is a fatal thing for anyone to do.

God created us, therefore He is our Father and we belong to Him. What He did do was give us free will to choose our own destiny. God has done everything He could to help us choose the right direction so that we will live forever and not condemn ourselves to eternal damnation.

He spoke to the prophets and they had His word recorded in what today we call the Bible. He sent His blessed Son Jesus to show us the way and give us truth. God did not create or send idols for us to worship.

If you were standing next to an active volcano and a scientist came along and said, “You need to leave here soon, this volcano can erupt any minute and you will surely perish.” Would you take his word for it and leave? Of course you would, unless you want to commit suicide.

So, what is it about us that we don’t adhere to God’s warnings about our fate if we make the wrong choices? Are we that stubborn or is it that we just can’t see this happening like if we were standing next to the volcano?

The World is All About Vanity

Why do we spend so much time working for temporary things that don’t last (and we do this over and over again) when we could be working for our salvation to live an eternal life in heaven with God?

The temporary things of the world will keep us disconnected from our Father in heaven. Follow Jesus and He will help us to prepare ourselves so that we can return to God by purifying ourselves of all the things that corrupt our soul.

Spiritual growth is important and should not be neglected or put aside. We are here in this temporary life to do what we can to return back to God and be in union with Him forever and it all starts with you seeking Jesus, our Savior.

Bring God and Jesus into your heart instead of creating false gods and idols or the things of this passing world.

May God Bless You Always

John Park
Lehigh Acres | Ft. Myers, Fl.

John Park | Lehigh Acres | Ft. Myers | Florida

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