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With all that is going on in the world and especially the United States it’s important that you keep your eyes on God. We should do this on a daily basis anyway, but as the time of this age comes closer and closer to ending, it’s going to get harder for mankind.

Man seems to be ignoring what is actually happening around them and the world. Man is not preparing himself to endure the worst times that man has ever seen.

Do people think that things are going to get better? If they do, it’s deception of one’s mind. Anyone can create a fantasy with a little imagination, but it doesn’t last.

There is only one true reality and it is with God. The false reality of this world is only temporary. It is one filled with false hopes, lies and temporary peace and happiness.

The United States alone doesn’t have much time left before its economy collapses because it can’t continue to run on debt. This country, the corporations, big banks and most of the people in this country are addicted to debt.

It’s about trying to keep a standard of living based on materialism and all the pleasures of the flesh. With all this debt, it’s impossible to avoid a total economic collapse in the United States.

Man fails to listen to God and how God tells us the way that we need to live to ensure prosperity, peace, freedom and security. Man is corrupt in his own nature, that is why God gives us a plan, He also gives us plenty of warnings telling us what will happen if we don’t follow His way.

God is not in anyway forcing us to live His way, He gave us free will to make our own choices. He knows that man is not capable of governing himself alone. That’s why we need to keep our eyes on God.

God told us how to keep famine, plagues, diseases, invasions from our enemies at bay, but for thousands of years man still continues to not listen to God. He told us how to farm, not to build one house on another and so on.

He warned about having a ruler and what would happen (Read this article: Samuel). So, why does man always insist on trying to do it his way when it only leads to failure?

Man is going to go through some times that no one has ever seen before, this is what it’s going to take before man realizes that it’s all about God and not himself. These times are not that far off, but many still cannot see the signs. They are blinded by pride and deceived by their on reasoning.

Even those that believe in God are blind because they listen to the untruth of man, they govern their own mind instead of receiving the Spirit of Truth that Jesus has to offer them (John 14:15-17).

We cannot seek find truth on our own or from man, it takes building a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Him, you cannot purify yourself to receive the Holy Spirit. It takes repentance, overcoming our defects, confession, the ability to be righteous in the eyes of God.

Call on Jesus and follow Him, don’t follow yourself. Travel the long and narrow road with our Lord Jesus Christ and and set your eyes on God. You will need God to protect you and help you during these tough times, so don’t wait til it’s too late.

God Bless You

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