Seek Life in God Through Jesus Christ and Learn Truth

Podcast for Seek Life in God Through Jesus Christ and Learn Truth

Find Security, Peace, Happiness and Joy Through Jesus Christ

Many people don’t know what to do when a crisis hits them. They don’t know where to turn, or how they are going to get by. They worry about employment, losing everything they own and so on.

Many think that they have security and things are going alright in their life so they don’t have a plan for when things get tough. Some people carry around a sense of insecurity all day everyday, only adding to their stress level. This is why we need to find Life in God.

Security With God

If you were offered a way to live without ever having to worry about anything ever again and it won’t cost you a dime, would you jump on it? You might be thinking it is some sort of a scam or that there is a catch, but actually it isn’t and there’s not. You don’t have to pay to have Jesus come into your heart. All you have to do is ask Him.

Once you accept Jesus into your heart and begin following Him, you will see that the worldly life and seeking the things of the world are meaningless. Once you start to build up your faith in God and you keep your eyes on God, you will learn truth and begin to understand that God will be there for you as opposed to the world that could care less about you. Find life in God.

Rough Times Are Coming

Things are not going to get easier, they are only going to get worse, especially in the United States and England. Both these once God fearing countries turned their backs on God and accepted the immoral behaviors that the world has to offer.

Life is short and you only have one time around to escape the perils of death. Death to the flesh is inevitable, but spiritual death can be avoided.

We Need To Grow Spiritually

Find spiritual life by seeking Jesus Christ. Have faith in God and seek His protection through Jesus Christ. Don’t let this passing world get the best of you and drag you down with it, it is not worth it. Don’t you love yourself enough to do the best you can for yourself?

Life here is short, but whether you choose life or death for your spirit and soul, it is eternal. May God Bless You Always and seek life in God through Jesus Christ, His blessed Son.

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