Putting Our Hope In God Instead Of Man

Putting Our Hope In God Podcast

Where We Put Our Hope is Important

When things aren’t going right we hope for change, but it’s where we put our hope that matters. We can put our hope in God or in man, one is wrong and one is right. Which one do you choose?

Many people don’t understand the nature of God or what this world once was before the fall of man. Many have become accustomed to living their life without the help of God and this goes for some of those that do believe in God.

God will not intervine in someone else’s life unless they ask Him for help, this is what free will is all about. Man has the freedom to make his own choices and place his hope in whatever he wants to. If he places it in people, places or things, he can be disappointed with the outcome. Usually when their is a bad outcome their life can get much worse and it may take months or even years to undo the change.

This is why it is so important to place your hope in God. God is infallible, He knows what is best for us and He will always be looking out for our welfare, after all He did create us and the universe. Man can be corrupt and usually they will be looking out for their own welfare, for example, big banks, credit card companies, corporations, insurance agencies, politicians and the list can go on and on.

We All Make Bad Decisions

I have made many mistakes in my life because of poor decisions and placing my hopes in things that I chose. I failed to go to the main source that would help me make the right choices and that source would be God. Ever since I decided to give my will over to Him and accept His will, my life has been managable and stress free. We should all try and live a simple life without all the baggage and burdens that this world loads us down with.

Free yourself from the burdens of this world and place your hope in God. As you can see by the shape of the world, putting your hope or faith in man is useless.

May God Bless You and Trust God not man

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