Love God As He Loves You

Love God Podcast

Love God With All Your Heart and Soul

Be obedient.

Do unto others as you would want done unto you.

Honor everyone – Do not talk ill about them.

See the good in everyone, not the bad,

Despise the sin in others.

Love God and One Another

We need to rid ourselves of sin which is disobedience to God. The more we overcome, the more we begin to love God, our neighbors and ourselves. We grow spiritually, away from the worldly life and into a life that will be rewarding and abundant.

Do not toil for the things of world that only brings us death and emptyness. Bring fulfillment to your life and work towards the treasures that you can store in heaven.

Jesus can show you the way to purifying yourself. He will help you to look inward and show you what needs to be changed. He will help you to change your thought process so that you will see all the positive things in people, and life in general. You will learn behavioral modifications and coping skills that will help you deal with all the stressors that life can bring.

Why live a life that has it’s ups and downs when you can find true peace and happiness that God wants us to have? It’s there waiting for all of us, but we have to be willing to work for it. Yes, work for it.

Working for things brings us greater satisfaction because they are earned. It keeps us from being slothful and lukewarm as Jesus warns us in Revelation 3:14-22.

Finding That True Happiness

Work towards equanimity and when you reach it, you will find that true peace, freedom and happiness that can only come from God and not the world. The world only offers temporary happiness and it dies when we die, but what comes from God is everlasting.

When our body dies, our soul still lives and it is important as what we are wearing when we do die. Is it going to be darkness or light?

To love ourselves is to purify ourselves and become righteous in the eyes of God. Being obedient to God and loving to others is giving of ourselves, being humble, and putting God and others before ourselves. But we need to do this from our heart and do it cheerfully. Humble yourself, love one another and Love God.

God Bless You

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