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Being A Shepherd To The Lord’s Flock

If you choose to become a preacher, a teacher or an elder and you accept to take on the responsibility of being a shepherd to the Lord’s flock, you had better be well prepared spiritually. Teaching the Word of God is a big responsibility because it needs to be spoken in Truth.

To take on such a big responsibility, one needs to have been taught by the Lord and not by man. To know the truth is to have been shown it, by walking with Jesus to the cross, dying in Him and being given the Spirit of Truth. One needs to be baptized with the Holy Spirit as well.

Pray for The Gift of Discernment

A person cannot know truth unless they have the ability to discern it. This is why a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is so important. Without them, it is virtually impossible to know if what you are being taught or what you are teaching is truth or untruth. That is why we were warned about antichrists and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

How could anyone possibly know the truth if they haven’t been taught it by the Spirit of Truth? (John 14:15-17) To teach someone half-truth is a lie and it could be a downfall for both of you. The Lord is my shepherd above all men.

For most, they rely on or put their trust in what is being preached or taught to them, they do not put their trust soley in God. This could cause anyone to become lukewarm and we know what Jesus says about lukewarm people (Revelation 3:14-22). Paul didn’t immediately become a teacher, he had to walk that long road with Jesus to learn Truth, to become filled with the Holy Spirit and all this took time.

Learn to Follow Jesus

We need to give control over to Jesus and let Him take it from there. Once we learn how to listen to Him, He will show us the way to truth and life. It doesn’t hurt to listen to what others have to say, but it can hurt if we can’t discern the Truth for ourselves.

For preachers and teachers of God’s Word and others who think that they know truth, be careful in what you teach. Make sure that you have proven that what you teach is truth. Jesus will always give you confirmations on what He teaches you. Discernment is a great gift, pray for it so you too will know what is Truth.

The Lord is my shepherd and in Him shall I place my trust.

May God Bless You Always

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