Materialism Is An Unhealthy Practice For Your Soul

Materialism Is An Unhealthy Practice Podcast

Is Materialism Destroying Us?

Materialism seems to be a way of life with us. With stores, malls, strip centers and also the internet, we are flooded with every kind of thing for sale that we can imagine. I’ll bet that the average person will never even see 0.05% of all the items that are for sale.

Yet we acquire more things then we actually need and these are called wants. They are pleasing to the bodily senses in one way or another.

We gather so much material possessions that we either end up renting storage space, adding additions to our houses or go as far as buying a bigger house. This is insanity! We even go into debt because we just have to have it. This is a form of temporary pleasure that has no value to it at all.

Most of the time it is the thrill or rush that we get when we buy something new, then it wears off and we are out spending again. Look at China, it is one of the most richest countries in the world and it is all because of people over indulging in materialism.

Materialism Can Bring Self-destruction

Materialism is something that can bring self-destruction upon any person that engages in this dangerous practice. People have even suffer from shopping addiction to the point that they either brought financial devastation to themselves and/or their families as well to the point of bankruptcy. Not only can materialism hurt someone financially and mentally, but it can also attach themselves to your heart.

These items can become idols in such a way that one cannot part with them without feeling all different kinds of emotional pain. This what you call storing up treasures in your heart that have no lasting value to them at all and when you die you are left with nothing.

Empty your heart and store up treasures in heaven and have God fill your heart. Let God’s love burn like a fire in your soul. It’s total madness to keep your eyes focused on the things of this passing world because those things are only temporary.

May God Bless You

John Park
Lehigh Acres | Ft. Myers, Fl.

John Park | Lehigh Acres | Ft. Myers | Florida

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