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Trust in God When Going Through Tests and Trials

Why do we lack faith and Trust in God? For those that do believe that there is a God, why do we say that we have faith in God as well as believe in Him, but turn around and the next crisis that comes along we begin to get stressed out, worry or fear the outcome of it? This is like taking your car to a repair shop that you don’t trust.

God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are there to help us get through our daily lives, grow spiritually, teach us how to overcome our hardships and go through tests and trials so that we can grow and learn from them to build up our faith and strength. It’s hard for the way we think not to imagine all kinds of bad things that can happen, but by doing this are we actually creating the hardship to grow stronger and seem worse than it already is?

Saying that we Trust in God is not enough, we have to prove that we do by showing Him that we have faith in Him. Think about it, if someone said to you that they trust you or that they have faith in you but never gave you the opportunity to prove it, how would you feel? What would you think?

It takes a lot of patience to wait for something, especially the outcome of a hardship, test or trial. This is why we need to practice our faith and trust in God by handing everything over to Him and taking on everything that is handed to us. God will never give us more than we can handle or not give us a way out. This is why we must put our trust in God.

God is not something that you put on a shelf and use whenever you feel like it or only when trouble comes your way. He requires us to do what we can for Him and our fellowman and in return He gives us everlasting eternal life, peace, joy, happiness and freedom from the slavery of the world.

Show God that you love Him by proving your faith and trust in Him. Let go and let God guide you in your life for a more rewarding and fulfilled life for now and ever more. May God Bless You and be with you forever and ever.

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