Sanity or Insanity – How Do We Really Know?

Sanity or Insanity Podcast

Closing Our Carnal Eyes and Opening Our Spiritual Eyes

It’s strange how we see what is sane and what is insane. We call people who seem to be without reason and out of touch with what the world calls reality, “Insane”, but are they really? It all depends on how you look at it.

When we see things through our carnal eyes, we see things as normal and real according to the carnal mind, but how would you see the world if you were looking at it through your spiritual eyes? How do you understand the state of sanity or insanity and know what is Truth?

This is why it is so important to focus on Jesus Christ. He can lead us out of the insanity and back to sanity which is our spiritual selves, our true indenty, the way that God meant for us to be.

Adam and Eve lost their spirituality when they disobeyed God. Their spiritual eyes closed and their carnal eyes opened. They lost that connection with God and were totally devastated. This is why God sent Jesus Christ, to lead us back to God and restore our sanity.

Sanity or Insanity?

This may all seem strange to you, but that’s because all you have ever known is your own human nature. In order to experience what it is like to be spiritual, we need to enter into a supernatural change from carnal to spiritual. The only way this can happen is if Jesus shows you the way back. Renounce your life, pick up your cross on a daily basis and follow Him

If you haven’t yet, call on Jesus Christ and develop that one on one relationship with Him so that you too can be restored to sanity and find your true identity. Sanity or Insanity, what’s it going to be?

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