God Gave Us Free Will

God Gave Us Free Will Podcast

Why Free Will?

God gave us free will to chose to love Him or rebel against Him. What it means to rebel against God is to basically give in to our pride and choose the things that are an abomination to God.

When we choose our will over God’s will we travel on the road to self-destruction that leads us into the darkness, but when we choose God’s will we travel on the road that leads us into the Light which is eternal life and true peace which can only be found in God’s love.

The difference between pride and humility is that pride is all about self serving. We practice self indulgence, satisfying our lust for the things of the world, the things that please the flesh. We become a slave to the world so much so that our love is for the things of the world, a love that is meaningless.

Our hearts are filled with things that have or hold no value. So, when we die, we are empty with nothing to show for all the years that we spent on earth. We have no light, or maybe a flicker of light like the flame of a candle. Everything that we loved is left behind to a world that that only promises death.

A person who practices humility is one that has a heart overflowing with a love that can only come from God. The humble are kind, willing to help their fellowman, caring and compassionate. They love their fellowmen no matter how they are treated back by them.

They seek nor ask for anything in return, they are cheerful givers, never acting bothered when asked for a favor. They are never angered, they speak softly and are mild mannered. These are the ones that know God and do His will, they are filled with the Light and are free, at peace and know true happiness, a happiness that cannot be found in this passing world.

God loves us so much that He does everything He can to help us overcome our destructive ways. The love that He gives us, His mercy and grace, and how He is so patient with us, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to teach us, to show us the way back to be in union with Him once again.

Jesus did the will of God and was beaten, scouraged, humiliated and nailed to a cross all for our sake. This is how much God and Jesus Christ loves us, yet many reject them and choose their carnal self over eternal life.

The world can only offer temporary happiness along with the misery that comes with it. God offers peace, love and freedom from the bondages of this passing world. Your choice: peace, happiness and life or the world and death.

May God Be With You

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