Created Love or Uncreated Love?

Created Love or Uncreated Love? Podcast

Love Can Change You and the World

What’s the Difference Between Created Love or Uncreated Love?

God is pure loveThere are two kinds of love: created and uncreated. Created love is the love that is part of our emotions when we are born. Uncreated love is God. When God created Adam and Eve, He created them in His own image.

They were pure love because God is pure love. They were spiritual, not carnal. When they rebelled against God and ate of the tree of good and evil they changed. (They did not eat an apple). There are good fruits and bad fruits. Galatians 5:22,23 good fruits – Galatians 5:19-21 bad fruits.

If one can attain this kind of love, the uncreated love of God, they would be able to help change the world because there would not be any kind of hate in them forever.

The vibrations of this kind of love emanating from them is so powerful, others have an awareness of it and they feel it in there heart. This love is so powerful, it breaks down all negativity.

Sin Keeps Us Disconnected From God

The Holy Spirit that was with them could not be with them any longer because of the sin they committed. Their carnal eyes opened and their spiritual eyes closed. The sad thing about what happened was that they were no longer in the image of God.

If we were to say that in our carnal state we were the image of God, that would bring God down to our level and limiting God. Not a wise thing to do, because you cannot put a limit on God, He is the Great I Am. Bless His Heart and Soul.

Human Love is Created

The created love is of the flesh. There are different aspects of this love. You could love someone or something one minute and hate them or it the next minute. It is not pure love.

God is unchangeable and therefore His love is unchangeable. When one has the love that God gives us within, there is no concern for ones self. His only concern is God and his fellowman.

Created love only loves the things of the flesh and the world. The uncreated love of God is pure. It is spiritual and the way to receive this love is by making that journey with Jesus ( Mark 8:34).

Close Your Carnal Eyes and Open Your Spiritual Eyes

Follow Jesus with your cross, be circumcised by Him (Colossians 2:11), nail your flesh to the cross, and die in the Lord (Rev.14:13). For your soul will be tested in the fire and the dross burned off (1 Peter 4:12). Now you become a new creation (2Cor.5:17).

The Lord knows when we are ready to go through each of these stages as we follow Him. The one thing we need to do is prove to God that we can keep His commandments. We must love the Lord with all our mind, all our heart, all our soul, and all our strength.

Jesus gave us a new commandment which says, “Love one another as I love you (John 13:34). Once one becomes a new creation (and it’s not from the baptism of water) he will be connected to God once again because his soul will be purified by the fire of Gods love. And the Holy Spirit will abide with him forever (John 14:16), and you will be on a journey back to the image of God.

This is why Jesus came here to make and show us a way back home to God, our Father. This is why we need to prepare ourselves here for the Kingdom of God. So that when the flesh dies we can continue on spiritually. We don’t want to be apart of the second death (Rev.21:8), we want to be apart of the first resurrection(Rev.20:6).

Created Love

Now, the created love we have is a love we can control. It can be worn down, it wears off, it can be given to things that are only temporary. Our heart can be full of things we love. These things can keep us from being connected to God because we love them more than God. I’m going to write about one kind of love.

Take for instance, when a man and a woman meet and that spark is there, and they continue to see each other, that spark starts to turn into a flame. Each one wants to be with each other more and more, their love for each other is growing.

They do things for each other out of love. Their love grows strong and then they decide they want to share their life together and they get married. One year, five years,ten years later you find the love isn’t there like it once was. Why?

Marriage has its ups and downs, only because the love for each other isn’t pure uncreated love that comes from God. Our hearts can be full of selfish loves.

Things that ruin the created love are things like being dishonorable (saying things about your spouse to people that you would never say if your spouse was with you), lying, looking at other people in a lustful way and so on.

True Marriage

In order for a marriage to be perfect, each party would have to be so humble that they would only think about their spouse (how could I please my spouse and not thinking about how my spouse could please me.)

In order for this to happen each one’s love would have to be pure for each other. It’s about being unselfish. Just think, there wouldn’t be any need for divorce or marriage counselors. Think about your partner and not your self, if both of you would do this, you would have a wonderful life together.

This same thing goes for the union of your soul with God. God is already keeping up His end of the union, what about you? We need to receive the pure, never ending love of God. But, we need to purify ourselves first.

We need to fulfill the laws of righteousness and prove Gods promises. Of course, you will go through tests and trials, but don’t be discouraged, it’s worth it.

It is a forgiving, compassionate and unfailing love. It will conquer all evil. Evil cannot touch this love. There is no anger, impatience, rudeness or any such thing like it with this love.

If you pray for anything, pray for this love. Once received, everything else is added, such unspeakable peace and joy.

So if you would like this love, call on Jesus to show you the way. Give Jesus the burden of your life and accept His burden which is LIGHT.

It’s not an easy road to take, you’ll need to work steady for the Light of Christ. In the end you won’t regret it. But the ones that try to take the easy way or the highway will surely die.

So learn how to love God the way he wants you to. It’s your choice : Heaven or hell – Life or death. God wants you to come home so badly, He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ TO SHOW US THE WAY.

Also, love your fellowman and forgive them no matter what they do to you or others. I know it’s hard, they hurt your pride. Be humble.

God Bless You

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