Is Gods Word True? Is The Bible True? Prove It

Is Gods Word True? Is The Bible True? Prove It Podcast

People Always Say, “Prove It”

Trust God Always | Pray For Peace | Love One Another There are many people who are skeptical about the Word of God, the Bible. They will say things like, “Prove it.” or “Since it was written by many different people it couldn’t possibly be true.” Gods Word is true and the Bible is true, you can prove it.

People do have their doubts and it’s understandable why they do. The Word of God does seem to be obscure to all who first try to read and understand what it is trying to say.

First of all, you’ll never understand what the Bible is truely saying unless you believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. It takes faith in them and the willingness to do God’s Will and accept Jesus Christ.

Let me give you an example: Say that you never opened the hood of a car and know absolutely nothing about one. If I gave you a Chilton manuel (a manuel that explains everything about a certain make and model vehicle) with no pictures and told you to read it, do you think that you would know what it is talking about?

No, because you wouldn’t know what the functions and purpose is of each part that it describes and so much other information that is contained in one of those manuels. Even if you read the manuel and opened up the hood of that vehicle, you probably wouldn’t even know what you were looking at.

This is the same way the Bible works. You just can’t open it up and expect to understand everything that it is saying.

If you stood there with a mechanic and let the mechanic tear down the whole engine of a car, explained to you the purpose and function of each part and put it all back together then you went and read the manuel, you would be able to understand everything that it says in that manuel. This is the way to understand the Bible.

If you build a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ, He will take you on a journey and teach you truth. You will experience what the scriptures in the Bible are all about and even deeper meanings that are hidden. You will have already proven them to be truth before you read about it.

It takes work, nobody is going to hand you the meanings of the Bible on a silver platter and say, “This is it.” You may not believe them anyway because you will want proof.

It’s so much easier to say, “Prove it” and walk away then it is to prove it for yourself. If you want Truth, you are going to have to seek it. Just as Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Gods Word will always prove to be true.

May God bless you with the gift of discernment.

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