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God is Love, Not a Cruel God

God is Love

God is Love

There are people out there that think God is a cruel God. That just isn’t so. Some like to refer back to the days of Noah when God flooded the world. Since children had perished in this flood and God did not save them, they say God is a murderer.

How can this be? Did not God tell Noah to build an Ark so that he and any other people that believe in God could be spared from the flood? Did not Noah warn the people for many years of a coming flood?

Our Human Nature is Against God

All these people did was laugh at him and mock him. These people failed to take heed to his warning. They were acting foolishly out of their own pride. Many of these people had families, yet they chose not to secure the safety of their family.

Building a Boat in the Middle of Nowhere

Look at it this way, if you came across someone that was building a huge boat in a place that never gets any rain or maybe very little and this boat was being built far away from the closet body of water, what would you think?

Would you think that this guy, Noah was a lunatic or would you think that this guy just might be right? What about when they saw him loading two animals, male and female of different kinds onto this huge ship?

Is It God’s Fault or The Parents?

So, who’s at fault that even the children perished in the flood? Certainly not God’s. Noah’s ark represented salvation. The people had been warned for years and they chose to be ignorant.

Noah could not go around and kidnap all the children and put them on board, they would’ve killed him on the spot. These people had plenty of opportunities to save themselves and their children, but they chose not to.

Heed God’s Warnings

God has been warning people all the way back to Adam and Eve. Some will say that God set them up by putting a forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden and telling them not to partake of this tree.

We have to remember that God gave us a “Free Will”, free to chose whatever we want. We have a choice to chose life or death. God does not want to force people to love Him, that wouldn’t be real love. Love is a word of action.

God loves us so much, so why is it so hard to love Him back? Why do we choose the world with it’s temporary happiness and death over life with God?

Our pride seems to stop us from receiving the many blessings that God would bestow upon us if only we would love Him. So, how can we not say that God is love? It would be because we are being governed by our pride.

Man Controls His Own Fate or Destiny

Read in the Old Testament about what happened when man fell away from God and God brought curses on them. Did God have a right to do this? Sure He did, after all, He gave them the land on which they lived on. He blessed them with prosperity, but man took advantaged of it and became corrupt.

It wasn’t like God hadn’t warn them over and over again. Before He gave them a nation, He gave them commandments and laws to live by. You can read about it in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. It talks about the blessings and curses that God will bring upon a nation that is with Him or agaist Him.

Man’s Plan or God’s Plan, What works Better?

History always seems to repeat itself when it comes to God and nations. Man seems to think that he doesn’t need God and that man always has a better plan. I guess man proved to God that man’s plan is better.

Just look around at how well things are going these days. We have massive unemployment, a failed economy that is still on the verge of collapsing, over 1.5 million people losing their homes and still climbing, poverty, violence, murder, abortions, rape, sexual perversion, overcrowded prisons, a corrupt and confused government, greedy banks and corporations, people with massive debts, diseases, terror without the terrorism (we don’t even have terrorism and look at the stronghold it has over us) and the list goes on and on.

Look at all the children that are born with birth defects, that are suffering with cancer and other diseases and I suppose that this is God’s fault? When is man ever going to take the blame and put it upon himself for his actions? Man reaps what he sows.

For The Good of All Mankind

God’s plan is about love, it’s about people living in harmony without all the hate and destruction that comes with it. God’s plan is about prosperity, where the crops grow abundantly and people have no wants or needs and suffering is eliminated.

So, what is wrong with this plan? Why does man continue to reject God? Man’s suffering and hardships would vanish if only man would put away his pride and humble himself before God.

Return to God All You Nations

The United States, do you want your country back? England, do you want your country back? Israel, do you want your land back and never to have to fear your enemies again?

All it would take is to call on God and repent. Is that so hard? God can stop the downfall of these nations, but man is too stubborn to turn from his wickedness.

God is being very patient with us, His curses have come upon us slowly, but they are getting stronger. He’s giving us plenty of time to see how we are destroying ourselves, but we are too blind to see.

Massive Devastation is Coming

Unfortunately, as history repeats itself, these nations are going to fall and fall hard they will. Just look back into the Old Testament and see what happened to Jerusalem when the people fell away from God.

We are God’s children, He punishes us because He loves us and only wants the best for us. Do you not punish your children when they do wrong? Do you not do this because you love them and want them to grow up doing the right things so they could live a good life? God is love and He loves His children.

Turn away from the world and seek protection in the loving arms of God before it’s too late. You can’t say that you haven’t been warned. God always gives us plenty of opportunities to accept Him.

God Bless You and Love One Another

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