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Make Amends To The People You Have Harmed

Now that you have made your lists, it’s time to make amends. First, you have to understand that sometimes it’s not good to open up old wounds. We don’t want to harm others again, but this doesn’t mean that we’re off the hook from making amends. There are ways of making amends for all situations. It’s a matter of how you approach it.

You could just go to the person(s) and apologize for the things you did wrong to them without going into detail for fear it might get the person riled up. The main thing is that it has to come from the heart in a sincere and remorseful way. It doesn’t matter if the person doesn’t want to forgive you. Pray for them, one day they may have to do what you are doing now.

No matter what someone does or how they act towards you, pray for them immediately, this will keep you from getting a resentment towards them, we don’t need any potholes in our road. This is what being humble is.

Romans 12:14-21,’Bless those who persecute you: never curse them, bless them. Rejoice with those who rejoice and be sad with those in sorrow. Treat everyone with equal kindness; never be condescending but make real friends with the poor. Do not allow yourself to become self-satisfied.

Never repay evil with evil but let everyone see that you are only interested in the highest ideals. Do all you can to live at peace with everyone. Never try to get revenge; leave that, my friends, to God’s anger. As scripture says: vengeance is mine – I will pay them back, the Lord promises.

But there is more: If your enemy is hungry, you should give him food, and if he is thirsty, let him drink. Thus you heap red – hot coals on his head. Resist evil and conquer it with good.’ This is love at its finest for your brothers and sisters, and it will keep the waters in your soul calm and peaceful.

Forgiveness needs to be given as much as it needs to be received. Jesus showed us forgiveness that’s beyond description. What a beautiful act of love when He said,’Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.’ Luke 23:34. After all they just did to Him, He forgave them.

Some of us get angry at the littlest things people do to us. It’s up to us to make amends with others. There’s a good chance that we can remove that burden of resentment that others could be carrying around that we caused or helped to cause. It doesn’t necessarily have to be our fault, but we were involved in it.

If you have stolen whether it be things from work, even time you were paid for, you could make a donation in their name, or work extra time without pay.

There are many ways to make amends. Ask Jesus to help, He’s always there for us and willing to show us the way. Bless His Heart and Soul. As for the ones that are deceased, pray and confess your wrongs to them and the Lord. Tell them you forgive them for what they’ve done to you. So before you act or speak, think about what may arise. You don’t want to cause conflicts in your life or be someones stumbling block.

Sometimes, it’s just best to let it go. Let them be miserable if that’s what they choose. Pray for them and have compassion. This is what God wants, for us to be loving towards our brothers and sisters. This is what being Christ – like is about.

Judge and you will be judged. Don’t let things bother you, it’s not worth it. Our flesh is corrupt enough, we don’t need to add to it. Pray hard to change and pray hard for others, so they may see the light.

God Bless You

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