Our Moral Values Are On A Decline

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The World Is Gradually Slipping Into The Darkness

As I look back over the past decades, I noticed a dangerous trend that has swept the United States and other countries by storm. So, what is this trend? The de-sensitizing of our moral values. If you have lived long enough, you should be able to see the trend that has taken place over time.

The things that were once immoral, shocking, perverted and gross seems to have little effect on most people, because over time these things have been introduced to us very slowly. This way the shock is minor and it does not have a lasting effect.

Let’s start with the movie industry. Compare movies that were made in each decade starting with the 40’s. The most you ever saw in the movies back then was a kissing scene and they had to be careful about how that was portrayed.

When it came to violence, the most I ever saw was a fist fight or a shootout unless it is a fact based reenactment. No getting naked and hopping in the sack or sex where ever you can do it. The sad thing about sex today is people barely even know each other. Over the years, they introduced more and more brazen scenes to keep the shock level down and the public quiet.

The content of what we see in the movies today compared to years ago is incredible. What was rated “R” in the seventies is now rated “PG”. What was once rated “XXX” is now rated “X” or they give it a “NR” and say it’s adult content.

You can watch alot of these movies which are mostly on the pay channels which kids have access to. If parents don’t block these channels, their kids will be able to see these movies. This alone will desensitize anyones moral values.

Pornography is out of control. It’s all over the internet and tons of it for free. Anyone can access it. There is virtually no way for parents to stop their kids from viewing the porn that’s on the net.

Some parents might use the “parental control” feature that comes with computers, but it doesn’t stop them from viewing porn at their friends house or other such places. Not all parents restrict their kids computers by using this service.

Pornography can be as addictive as drugs, people get stimulated from viewing it just as drugs would. Curiosity is the basis behind it, you start looking at mild porn and proceed from there to who knows what.

Pretty soon that’s all you start thinking about. You can’t wait till you get back on the computer to view some more and more and more. It’s certainly not healthy to be addicted to anything, they all have there downsides.

We have Adult Bookstores, porno on TV, sex toy stores on the web, sex in TV shows and there is one item that is really disturbing, “Costumes”. They sell or rent costumes for women so they can dress up to look just like a little girl. Now how sick and perverted is that? You might say it’s just role playing, but is it?

A wife dresses up to look like a little girl, now she just transformed herself to be someone different in the eyes of her husband. Her husband is no longer looking at her as the woman he’s married to and in love with, but what is going on in his mind is that he’s looking at a little girl.

The husband is now going to engage into an act of adultery and something that is perverted. The husband is going to be solely focused on playing out his fantasy and not focusing so much on his wife. This is not the way God intended marriage and sex to be.

It’s one thing for us to limit relationships by age, like a man/woman over 18 can’t have a relationship with a boy/girl under the age of 18. Yet we constantly fuel the appetite for sexual relationships outside the norm.

There are TV shows like “The Cougar”, pornography that’s loaded with older men having sex with teens, incest, older women with younger boys, one woman with multiple men, animal sex, homosexuality and so on. It just doesn’t end.

Teens are having sex before puberty. STD’S are spreading at an alarming rate with teens. Teenage pregnancy that leads to abortions and even multiple abortions are on an upward climb.

There are also women who have had more than eight abortions. It’s just another form of birth control in this country and other countries such as England. So where does it all end? Unfortunately it won’t until the time comes when God says enough is enough.

God Bless You All

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