A Daily Evaluation Of Our Thought Process

A Daily Evaluation Podcast

Our Thought Process Has To Change

How could we ever overcome our flesh and learn to love our brothers and sisters in the way God wants us to? Do a daily evaluation on yourself so that you can correct yourself and live a much happier life.

We need to correct ourselves and change our thought process because of the way we think about the things that disrupt our emotions and our souls. Look at the things that happened during the day and see how we handled them. Did we handle things in a mature and spiritual way or did we handle it in a shameful way?

Keep a notepad with you and when you are involved in a situation, record your thoughts, emotions and behavior. Then take the time to think about how you could’ve handled that situation in a more positive way. You will be suprised at how the outcome is when you please God and yourself when you gain control and let it go.

It seems that human nature is geared towards everything negative. Our carnal mind wants to go the negative route instead of working towards a positive outcome. Why? It seems to be easier to go that way because we are also influenced by the darkness that rules this world and the air. The darkness in the air that influences us and temps us is Satan and his demons. They rule the air just like waves that are transmitted to a radio.

This is why it is important to work on changing our thought process. It is hard work at first and it involves constant self awareness, but it gets easier the more you practice. It will soon become a habitual process where you will analyze the situation before reacting negatively to it. God Bless You

This fast paced world full of complications is not getting any easier. If we are going to be stress free and have total peace of mind, then we have to take control of our thoughts and not be influenced by anything. Fight for your freedom and experience peace, joy and happiness that this passing world can never offer you.

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