The United States And England Are Destined To Fall As The Roman Empire Did

The United States And England Are Destined To Fall Podcast

Why Would They Fall Like The Roman Empire?

What Caused The Fall Of The Roman Empire?

According to the History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire which was written by Edward Gibbons, he found five primary causes that were being practiced in the Roman Empire. These primary causes eventually led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Let’s look at these causes one by one and compare them to what is going on today in the United States and England.

Loss Of Family Structure

The backbone of a country is its strong family structure. It’s what the United States And England were built upon, just the same as the Roman Empire.

Family structure seems to be a thing of the past. With so many single mothers out there today either from having children out of wedlock or they are divorced. So, what happened to family structure? Have people become so self-centered that they can’t love their spouse for a long period of time? Is fornication a major cause in failed marriages? Are people willing to give up their life for their partner?

A couple that are not married yet, should not engage in a sexual relationship until they are married. They should get to know one another first and find out if they are meant for each other. God is against fornication, it’s mentioned in the Old and New Testament. If both parties are mutual about giving up their lives for one another then they should have an undying relationship for life with each other.

When two people are looking out for each other’s needs, than there will be no wants or needs. Did not Jesus say that ‘What greater love can there be than for one to give up their life for a friend.’ Isn’t your spouse your best friend? If you truely love your spouse, than you will make sure that all their needs are met. After all, if we are going to be in union with God, then we need to do the same for Him, He already does His part for us.

When you have children, you need to do the same for them. This is how they grow, by being nurtured in a loving environment with both parents. Quality time together is also a must. You have to put away all the tech stuff and pay attention to each other. Doing things together like, eating meals, playing games, prayer, bible reading and family outtings.

One parent should be home taking care of the household chores, making sure that everyone is eating healthy meals and being there for the children when they come home from school. Sticking them in a daycare center day after day is wrong, how can you possibly nurture and bond with your children that way? Things are so out of balance these days when it comes to family structure.

Increased Taxation

The governments in this country, whether it is city, county, state or federal seem to have this unstoppable urge to tax everything in sight. You can see this just by looking at your bills. They start all these tax programs thinking that it will help pay for this that and the other thing, when in the long run, they don’t fix the problem that is causing them to start a new tax program. They end up putting the burden on the consumer again and again, which leaves the consumer with less money to put back into the economy.

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with doing your taxes at the end of the year. This has absolutely turned into a nightmare for everyone, including the IRS. Why does it have to be so complicated? Why not just have a flat 10% tax on everyone’s income? People would have plenty of money to fuel the economy and there would be plenty of jobs for everyone. The governments would even have enough money to sustain themselves.

Unsustainable Buildup of Armaments

We used to have countries that feared us, but not anymore. Over the years some of these countries have tested the United States and England. Iran, Russia and North Korea to name a few. What did we do? Nothing. Once these two nations show that their will is broken, these other countries can proceed doing the very things that will put everyone in danger without any fear of retaliation.

The United States is about to reduce thier armaments hoping that others will follow, this is going to be a fatal mistake for the U.S. This will only give the other countries an edge build up their armaments use them against the countries we once protected, including our own. Also, Obama in other words is telling other nations that we will not use nuclear weapons against them if they attack us with biological or chemical weapons. So, what is going to keep them from attacking the United States now that they have nothing to fear? God Help Us.

Unsatiable Craving for Pleasure

We are always seeking ways to please the flesh. We will even go into debt and in some cases, heavy debt just to satisfy the cravings of the flesh through self pleasure. This world is flooded with things that distract us away from God, only to please ourselves.

We have things like the computer. When used in moderation, it can be a useful tool, but there are many people that become addicted to it. With the social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and others, they can waste some serious time when it comes to idol socializing. What I mean is chit-chat that has no value to it.

There are other dangerous places as well like gaming sites, adult sites and online throw-your-money-away sites. Some people become obsessed with these sites to the point of addiction. They spend all their time on these sites to accomplish what? The overwhelming desire to please the flesh.

Food is another one. Look at the millions and millions of recipes that people made up. How many different ways do we need to prepare food? And for what, 10 – 15 minutes of satisfying the taste buds? People will spend hours preparing and cooking a meal. We even have television channels and tons of web sites all surrounding the subject of food.

Television and cell phones are also items that get abused on a regular basis. Just look at what some of things are doing to our youth. Texting is out of control and it has even cost people their lives. Parents need to take control of their kids lives and get them active into things with value, instead of handing their kids every tech gadget that comes out on the market.

The Decay of Religion

In God’s eyes, true religion is helping each other out and keeping oneself uncontaminated by the world. This is the biggest problem that we face in today’s world. We are having a rough time with the economy these days, but what got us here? Greed and the desire of want.

People abusing their credit and going into debt for what? One word, “Want.” We need to be more responsible in our spending habits and our wants.

Nobody saves money anymore, this also hurts the economy. It doesn’t give the banks enough money to loan out to businesses or use to make more investments. This causes your local banks to close their doors and it paves the way for these bigger banks to grow and have more control over your finances. They in turn become greedier and nickle and dime you to death. Without the smaller, local banks, we are at the mercy of the big banks.

How about helping each other out or simply “Loving One Another”. The hate has got to stop, this country is so divided amongst itself. Hate is nothing more than a dark force of destruction.

The moral values of the United States and England just keeps getting worse and worse as each decade passes by. All you have to do is look back through time and you can see how we have become more and de-sensitized to immoral behavior that the shock of it alone has worn off.

As more and more immoral practices develop, the more we anger God. This in turn causes God to remove His blessings from us and send us curses. God is being very fair and patient with these two nations. It’s a shame that many do not see this and as a result, things are only going to get worse.

This is just a few examples of what the “Decay of Religion” is about. It’s not about going to church or belonging to some religious organization. It’s about being moral, upright people in the eyes of a loving God. A God that wants nothing but the best for us. He wants to shower us with His blessings and save us from ourselves.

Mark my word, we are heading for destruction. Man is going to have to go through some tough times in the near future, unlike anything man has ever seen.

Here is a link to the book I mentioned at the beginning in case you are interested in reading it: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. You will be able to compare the Roman Empire with what is going on in the United States and England. You will see that these two nations are going to fall just as the Roman Empire did.

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3 Responses to “The United States And England Are Destined To Fall As The Roman Empire Did”

  1. admin says:

    So, what you are saying is that this article is going to lead people away from God because it talks about how we need to get back to family structure? Are you saying that the government should tax us to death so that people will have less money to give to charities such as the Salvation Army? Also, to cause people to have less money to put back into a starving economy where people are losing jobs and their homes which is putting a strain on the churches and the charities that help people in need, which in turn goes right back to increasing the debt of the U.S. because of unemployment claims, welfare claims and food stamps. Pretty soon we are going to be known as Zimbabwe II because this is where this country is headed.

    This world will never be free from nuclear weapons, Russia will look forward to us disarming our nuclear weapons. You can’t trust people like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and so on. If we cut back, we will become vulnerable to attack. People don’t fear the U.S. anymore like they used to. That’s not good for the U.S. or other peaceful countries. Jesus Christ will be back before the human race destroys itself.

    You are saying that we should go into debt and in some cases, heavy debt just to satisfy the cravings of the flesh through self pleasure? And I take it that you feel that religion, true religion is not decaying in this country?

    Hate is always going to be around, that’s why we need to practice the one true religion in the eyes of God: James 1: 26,27 and pray for everyone and show loving kindness to all, not cast judgment on those that don’t know truth.

    “The mainstream white church”, Do you mean the self-proclaimed Christians? It’s better to be called a Christian then to proclaim to be one. Anyone that is humble does not want to be acknowledged (part of being a Christian).

    “How many Christians do you see engaged in fighting poverty, injustice, and violence” All the ones that are actively involved in helping others from their heart without any thought of self-gain or rewards are Christians. These are the true Christians that sparkle in God’s eye.

    I’m sure you could go on forever because apparently all you see is hate and evil in people and your world. “Self righteous Christian posturing” Really? Maybe you should re-read your comment.

    If you are looking for an open discussion, go to the top of this site and click on “Forum”, register and you can start a discussion with any topic related to the forum.

  2. Andy says:

    As a Christian admin, you are saying the reduction of armaments is a BAD THING?!?!

    We have enough nuclear arms to blow the world up multiple times. And you DON’T want the US to be the leading example in diplomacy/peaceful co-existence? You want us to wield a big stick?

    You DON’T WANT your taxes going to social programs helping recovering drug addicts? Helping under-served communities? Providing subsidies for children of single parents, one welfare…

    As a Christian, this article is distasteful to me and my Christian peers. Do you want to know why so many PEOPLE have turned their backs on Christians? Here’s the answer: CHRISTIAN HYPOCRISY.

    The CHURCH fought against the civil rights movement and civic equality.
    SUNDAY MORNING is one of the most SEGREGATED times of the week.
    You have the Body of Christ see CHURCH as only a building and a service once a week.
    You have ARTICLES LIKE THIS promoting a certain political agenda, without engaging in tolerant, open dialogue.

    Let’s start with the biggest one. Uniting the Body of Christ. Many minority groups feel hesitant to join the mainstream “white” church because of a lack of representation in Christian media and leadership. Also, you factor in the long history of racism and isolation of minorities by the CHURCH, even today…very sad.
    How many Christian minority leaders are acknowledged by mainstream Christianity? How many minority worship leaders are featured on the radio, television, etc.? How many Christians do you see engaged in fighting poverty, injustice, and violence on a national scale?

    Here’s another: HYPOCRISY. I love going to the South and seeing Southern Christians praising the Confederacy and what it stood for. I love Southern Christians scream invectives and racial epithets at black, Hispanic, and gay men. I love it when strangers and homeless men and women come into the church only to get cold shouldered out. I love the judgment that follows a sin, and the crushing weight of MAN’S judgment that cripples the sinner.

    I could go on forever. Self righteous Christian posturing will only lead more people away. This article certainly doesn’t help.

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