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I Trust God John Park Lehigh Acres Florida This page is about I Trust God John Park Lehigh Acres Florida. I am an ordained minister and a substance abuse counselor.

I only write what flows out of me from the Holy Spirit. I have not attended any Seminaries or Bible colleges. I have been taught by God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. I put my trust solely in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

I have walked with Jesus for over 27 years, He unlearned me and then He learned me. I picked up my cross and followed Jesus down that long and narrow path to a place where my flesh was circumcised by the hand of Jesus and then nailed to the cross, to no longer dominate my soul and my spirit.

My soul was then purified by the fire of God’s love, prepared to receive the Spirit of Truth. And there I was, reborn, a new creation, a child growing to spiritual maturity by God’s Love through the Holy Spirit.

It’s quite amazing when the carnal eyes close and the spiritual eyes open to truly see the vanity of the world and come to know what truth and reality really are. Truth shows us just how corrupt human nature is and how our carnal selves are rebellious towards God.

We call people that are self-destructive insane because they appear to be “not in their right mind”. When we rebel against God by following our own precepts, we are on the road to self-destruction. So to say the least, we are not in our right mind. So, would we also be considered insane by not using the Word of God, Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit to escape our own self-destruction?

Pick up your cross and follow Jesus because He is the Way, the Truth and Life.

Trust God and May God’s Blessings Always Be Upon You,
Reverend John Park
Lehigh Acres, Florida

Trust in God Always