Trust God Always and Not This Passing World

Trust God Always and Not This Passing World Podcast

We Must Trust God Always Before Man

Trust God AlwaysWhy not trust God with our life and our salvation? He is the one that created us and gave us life. He gave us perfect instructions on how to live and if we follow Him, we will have true happiness, peace, freedom and prosperity.

Gods Promises

No man or the world for that matter can give us the things that God can. God made promises to us that can not be broken and as long as we do what He instructs us to do, those promises will be fulfilled.

If we put our hope and trust in man, we can be guaranteed that man will let us down. It’s a proven fact that man will lie, break promises, cheat, steal and whatever else man can do all for his own advantage.

God’s Unconditional Love

God doesn’t work that way, He loves us unconditionally just like any loving parent cares for their children. God sent His own Son, Jesus Christ to teach us, give us a new covenant and die for us on the cross so that we can be saved.

The best part is that Jesus was resurrected and He still lives on showing those that have accepted Him, the Way back to God. Jesus will come into our lives and help us to overcome our corrupt human nature. By achieving this, we will be given the Holy Spirit who will teach us spiritual things.

Trust God and Receive The Gift of Discernment

Being able to discern truth is a great gift from God. This gift will help us weed out those who preach and teach half truth and also, those who are spiritual and those who aren’t. You can’t trust man like you can trust God.

The World Only Offers Death

The world is full of lies, vanity, false hope, insecurity, limited freedom, temporary happiness, burdens, corruption and death. God’s world is peace, freedom, love, truth, happiness, security, prosperity and life. Man thinks he has a better plan than God and therefore, doesn’t need God. Look around for yourself, does man’s plan seem to be working?

Life With God or Death With the World

Trust God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Let them guide you so that you can receive all of the promises that God has made to you including, everlasting eternal life. If you have been living by the way of the world and your own carnal mind that is ruled by pride, try a little humility, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and follow Him. Give God’s way a try, you won’t be sorry.

May God Bless You Always

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