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God Gave Us Free Will

God Gave Us Free Will Podcast

Why Free Will?

God gave us free will to chose to love Him or rebel against Him. What it means to rebel against God is to basically give in to our pride and choose the things that are an abomination to God.

When we choose our will over God’s will we travel on the road to self-destruction that leads us into the darkness, but when we choose God’s will we travel on the road that leads us into the Light which is eternal life and true peace which can only be found in God’s love. (more…)


What is Life After Death?

What is Life After Death? Podcast

Life and Death – Physical and Spiritual

When Adam and Eve sinned, their carnal eyes opened. Sin had caused them to lose that spiritual bond they had with God. When they were living a spiritual life, death had no hold on them. It wasn’t until they sinned that death would come upon them.

God allows death to the flesh so man won’t live forever in the misery of sin. Would there sin cause them to lose life after death? (more…)


False Prophets – Teachers – Preachers

False Prophets Podcast

Who Are You Listening To?

There’s a lot to be said about this topic. First off, almost anyone can fall prey to these people. Jesus said in Matthew 7:15,16, ‘Beware of false prophets who come to you disguised as sheep but underneath are ravenous wolves. You will be able to tell them by their “fruits”. (If you do not know what they mean by “fruits” read Galatians 5:22). (more…)


The Sin of Pride and Practicing Humility

The Sin of Pride Podcast

Pride Gives Birth To Sin and Humility Makes Us Humble

Luke 2:7 And she gave birth to a son, her first-born. She wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn. This is a true act of humility. God could have provided all the comforts of home for Joseph, Mary and Jesus, but He didn’t.

Reason: God had to show the world that He loves us just as much as He loves His son. Also, Jesus wouldn’t be able to preach and teach about humility, if God didn’t practice it Himself. By this act, God showed us that He didn’t place His son above all of us.

We see what it looks like for a person to exalt themselves above others. We don’t seem to like them very much do we? Practicing humility is a difficult thing to do. It means conquering the sin of pride and shutting down our pride.

Being humble doesn’t make one a wimp. It actually makes one stronger, because they can handle anything that comes at them. We have to place ourselves lower than everyone else. We are not better than the next guy or even holier, no matter how spiritual we become.

It’s not a good idea to interfere with the affairs of others in such a way that you become overbearing. To think one knows what’s best for someone is like you wanting to control their life at that time. We can’t think that we know what’s best for others. We could hurt them or even steer them in the wrong direction.

We have to humble ourselves and depend on the Holy Trinity to show us what to do to become righteous people. If we don’t even know what’s best for us, how could we even know what’s good for others? We need to lower ourselves enough to give up our will and let God’s will take over. You may not see these things now, but if you keep practicing humility, you will the sin of pride.

One of the things that really hurts our pride is being accused of doing something wrong that we know we didn’t do. We are quick to get upset, possibly even to the point of rage. We need to be calm and patient.

We know that we didn’t do what we were accused of. There’s no sense in stirring ourself up inside. We will become like a stormy ocean. It disrupts that inner peace we had. It can cause resentment towards the accuser. We will carry this accusation and resentment around with us until it is resolved.

Don’t let these things bother you, it’s one of satan’s handy works. He wants you to be disrupted and without peace, it clouds your mind, so you can’t dwell on God. We don’t need to worry about what people are saying about us or what they’re trying to do to us.

It’s always a good thing to be persecuted in the name of the Lord. It brings glory to God when you show people what a good and strong soldier you are of His. God will set things right, have faith.

Don’t ever think that because you work harder than everybody else or you’ve been somewhere (chuch,work,etc.,) longer, or your position is higher that you have special rights. Be humble and don’t cause a fuss. You might think that whatever the situation is, is that you deserve recognition more then anyone or that you have special rights.

Remember that you gave your will over to God, (or maybe you took it back) and He is in charge of your life, so maybe He just doesn’t want you in that position. It very well could prove to be disastrous for you. God probably has other plans for you. Did you stop and think that God might be putting the other person there for a reason? We have to stop looking at things with our own carnal eyes and start or even try to see them through God’s eyes. If we really trust God, then let’s TRUST HIM!!!

We need to drop the I, the me, the mine, it’s not about us. We have to keep a low profile, almost like we’re non-existent. Don’t push our interests on others, be a good listener. You might find that by listening to others they might open the door for you to be able to talk about God with them. Also, by listening to others, they might say something that might help you.

Chit-chat has no value to it at all. It’s a waste of time, time that we need to use to pray, to be with God or to work on ourselves. So don’t talk unless you are asked to or unless you have to. You can judge for yourself the difference between talk with value and idle chit-chat. Same with excessive laughter. Restrain yourself from laughter, it’s foolish merriment.

Authority is one of the things we don’t like. Reason: because they can controll us and or we have to do as they say whether we like it or not. The Lord controlls all authority. Don’t resent any kind of authority, they’re there for a reason. Do as Paul writes in 1 Timothy 2:1-3 ‘My advice is that, first of all, there should be prayers offered to everyone – petitions, intercessions and thanksgiving – and especially for kings and others in authority, so that we may be able to live religious and reverent lives in peace and quiet.

To do this is right and will please God our Saviour.’ To be in conflict with another, is not a happy experience. It makes one miserable and unpleasent. So let it go don’t add fuel to the fire. Keep silent and the Lord will fight for you.

Prayer is the answer. Let the Lord do what He needs to do and don’t butt into His business, we have enough business of our own to tend to. It seems like when we do our will (which is our way of thinking) it’s just full of the things God despises. If we want to clean ourselves up we need to do a confession (please read “Confession”) so that we can learn about ourselves and see the things we are doing that offends God.

Once we learn about sin and see its ugliness, we will be able to work on ourselves, to overcome our will and take on God’s will. It’s not a verbal thing, it has to come from your heart. Jesus will show you your sins if you are willing. You can see them now or later. It would be better that you clean yourself up now. It’ll be too late later.

Once we have made a confession, we will need to keep an eye on ourselves constantly, so that we don’t fall backwards. Be really careful not to get to comfortable with where you are spiritually. Your soul will be like a place without a watchman, robbers and thieves will steal you blind. Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself for us in order to set us free from all wickedness and to purify a people so that it could be His very own and would have no ambition except to do good.

The only one we need to be concerned about pleasing is God. He is our Father and our Creator. He can give us life or He can give us death. He would much rather give us life or He wouldn’t have sent us His blessed son Jesus Christ. So let us ask the Lord to help us remove the sin of pride and clothe us with humility. Be Humble. It’s not what others can do for you, it’s what can you do to help others.

May God Bless You Dearly


Materialism – Treasures Of The Heart

Materialism – Treasures Of The Heart Podcast

Good Master, what have I to do to inherit eternal life?

materialism | treasures heart | heaven | world Matthew 6:19-21 ‘Do not store up treasure for yourselves on earth, where moths and woodworms destroy them and thieves can break in and steal. But store up treasure for yourselves in heaven, where neither moth nor woodworms destroy them and thieves can break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (more…)


Seek The Holy Spirit for Guidance

Seek The Holy Spirit Podcast

Preachers and Teachers Need To Be Tested

“Be Careful Of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

Be very careful these days. There are a lot of nonspiritual preachers out there and ones that speak half truth. You have to remember that many, many preachers were taught by man and not by God, not by Jesus and not by the Holy Spirit.

Preachers need to be tested to see if he/she is worthy to seek spiritual advice from. It’s not enough to have credentials hanging on the wall. They need to be guided by the Holy Spirit and also Faith. One thing you might want to look at is, “What works of faith can they produce?” (more…)


Jesus As Your Savior

Jesus As Your Savior Podcast

You Did Accept Jesus As Your Personal Savior?

When we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, did we not do this to save ourselves from damnation? Some of us chose Jesus because our life was a mess from trying to live it our way. But, for whatever your reason was for accepting Jesus, we all hope to meet together in Heaven.

But for some reason, a lot of us tend to have a problem, and that is giving up our independence. We say to ourselves, “I call the shots” or “Nobody’s going to tell me how to live my life”. Yup, that’s how we are. (more…)


Growing Spiritually

Growing Spiritually Podcast

Face Life Growing Spiritually One Day At A Time With God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

After following Jesus and working on yourself, you should have gained a lot of knowledge about yourself. Such things as the way you think and act, how you treat people and the way you treat them. You should have learned a great deal about sin, like pride, greed, envy, sloth, impatience, jealousy, anger and gluttony. One should have gained a lot of humility as one looked deep within their self and saw what a wretch they really are. We’re not perfect, but we sure can work towards spiritual perfection.

We Have to be Growing Spiritually on a Daily Basis

We can’t learn everything about ourselves overnight, it takes time. We need to take our life and live it one moment at a time. Each moment of thought could lead you in one direction or the other. It’s your choice whether to abandon that thought because it is leading you into darkness or make your thoughts productive in producing good fruits. It takes time to change oneself and we need to do this a little bit at a time, patiently, but not in a way where one would procrastinate.

This is what Jesus says about not keeping constant guard on ones house, ‘When an unclean spirit goes out of a man it wanders through waterless country looking for a place to rest, and cannot find one. Then it says,” I will return to the home I came from”. But on arrival, finding it unoccupied, swept and tidied, it then goes off and collects seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they go in and set up house there, so that the man ends up by being worse than he was before. This is what will happen to this evil generation.’

The Road to Growing Spiritually

The journey is a long, lonely and laborous road. People are going to have a hard time trying to understand the spiritual awakening that took place in you. Your life has changed and it’s not easy to explain what happened. Even if you could, they wouldn’t be able to understand. So don’t let it get you down, have faith, the Lord is in control and He will help you through it.

One has to experience the walk with the Lord, as well as faith in order to be able to see and understand. Don’t ever be too hasty to push your experiences on to others. They may not be ready yet. It is OK to talk to people about the Lord, just don’t be overbearing. Remember always, that you are on your own road and you can’t put others on your road, they have to travel their own road, by themself with Jesus as their guide.

You will experience spiritual dry periods, just hang in there and keep the faith. God is not all about feelings. Don’t get hung up on the good feelings you get, some are spiritual and pure, while others come from pride. Be very, very, very careful of pride, it could lead you in the wrong direction. Welcome suffering and tests and trials, they’ll make you stronger.

Things are not always going to go YOUR way, they’re not supposed to. Why? Because they’re going to go God’s way, the way He has it planned out for you. Remember, you denounced your life and you agreed to do it His way. You can take your will back, God’s not going to stop you, He’s just going to let you see what happens when you want to do it your way.

Help out others whenever you can. Don’t expect even a thank you in return. Give thanks to God for putting you in a position to help your brothers and sisters out. This is how people see a true Christian in action. 2 Corinthians 9:7 ‘ Each one should give what he has decided in his own mind, not grudgingly or because he is made to, for God loves a cheerful giver.’ Some people use this scripture to try to make you feel guilty and extract money from you. This scripture is about giving from the heart, all sorts of giving, not just money.

If you get a little disturbed or riled because someone asks you for help or you feel that you have to help or even have to give money, then it’s not coming from the heart and what you would be doing would be in vain. So when you give, give from the heart and you will be storing up treasures in heaven. Practice everything you’ve learned on a daily basis because growing spiritually takes a lot of effort and work, but it has its rewards. Pray constantly, it’ll help keep your mind from wandering.

God Bless You All


Our Savior Jesus Christ and Your Will and Your Life

Our Savior Jesus Christ Podcast

You Did Accept Jesus As Your Personal Savior?

When we accepted Jesus as our personal Savior, did we not do this to save ourselves from damnation? Some of us chose Jesus because our life was a mess from trying to live it our way. But, for whatever your reason was for accepting Jesus, we all hope to meet together in Heaven.

But for some reason, a lot of us tend to have a problem, and that is giving up our independence. We say to ourselves, “I call the shots” or “Nobody’s going to tell me how to live my life”. Yup, that’s how we are. (more…)