Removing Our Character Defects To Make Room For The Light

Removing Our Character Defects Podcast

What is Keeping the Light Out?

Light of Jesus Christ | Darkness of EvilWe can be a much happier person if we remove the darkness that is within us. This darkness causes all types of negative activity like stress, anger, hate, resentments, jealousy, impatience, envy, desires of the flesh, character defects and so many more. Our character defects is something that we need to focus on.

We need to trim the dead branches from the tree and allow new ones to grow like, peace, faith, love, happiness, kindness, compassion, righteousness and so on. It’s all a matter of changing the way we see things, act on things and basically how we live our lives from moment to moment.

It all begins with the way we think and from there, our emotions and behavior. We all want that inner peace, the kind that makes us feel good inside and keeps our mind calm so that we can free from the things that affect us in a negative way.

Many people or should I say most people believe that freedom is the ability to go where you want, be free to speak what’s on your mind, make choices, not to be restricted and practice whatever religion you choose to. But, this isn’t the real freedom because any of these things can be taken away from you at any time.

True freedom can only come to those that make their way back to God. God is the giver of true freedom, freedom that no one in this world can take away from you no matter if they lock you up, or simply just take away all your freedoms. The freedoms that we have that are governed by man are not like the real freedom that comes from God.

What it is that comes from God is a freedom that is care free, full of peace, joy and happiness, one that man or the world cannot take away. We will also enjoy the freedom from our own darkness that this corrupt flesh can bring us.

Fill the emptiness that lies within you by getting rid of your defects of character and clothe yourself with everything positive. Jesus Christ will help you, but you have to call on Him. Good fruits and bad fruits are listed in Galatians 5 starting at verse 19.

God Bless You

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