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What Has Become of The United States, England and Israel?

Why is there a rebellion against God? Man seems to be so blind as to the obvious. The signs are right before our eyes and yet generation after generation fails to see them and/or yield to them.

Man wants to live in peace and harmony, yet wants to be able to keep his pride as well, strange isn’t it? After all it is man’s pride that is causing all all of this.

Let’s look at a repeat of history. Go back into the Old Testament to the time of the Exodus. God frees the Hebrews from the bondage of slavery by the Egyptians. Do you think they would’ve been grateful to God for this freedom?

No, they weren’t, all they did was whine and complain, never being truely grateful to God for taking care of them. So, God caused them to wander the desert for forty years, until that rebellious generation was weeded out.

God was leading and governing these people all the way. Until one day came when they didn’t want God to govern them anymore. These people wanted a king just like the other nations had.

God warned them, He was totally against the people being ruled by a king, but they insisted and God gave them a king. This was just the beginning of their many woes. So, why was there such a rebellion against God?

Why would anyone choose man over God? Doesn’t make any sense to me, does it for you? Well, it happens all the time. Whether they were faithful to God or rebelled against Him, the people were either blessed with prosperity or cursed with tragedies, plagues, famine, wars, seizure by the enemy and so on. They dealt with corrupt kings as well as righteous kings. God warned everyone as it is written in Deuteronomy 28.

In the end around 70 AD, the Jewish people were left to scatter throughout the world. The Romans destroyed the Temple. It wasn’t until 1948 that they would become a nation again.

So, here we go again, they are losing their nation again, piece by piece. If only they would return to God, they would be able to destroy their enemy once again like they did during the six day war.

When are people ever going to learn? How much longer does Israel have before they are conquered again? I should say that they do not have much time left.

The nation of Israel is almost surrounded by their enemies. There is only one border left and it won’t be long before it is occupied by the enemy and that border is Egypt.

The Jews are becoming more and more nervous as terrorists cells are growing in Egypt. It won’t be long before Egypt falls into the hands of Iranian sponsored terrorists.

The Jews made the mistake of constantly giving land away to the Arabs in exchange for peace, a fatal mistake on their part. The Arabs want nothing more than to wipe the Jews off of the face of the earth. I think I said this before, history does repeat itself. The Jews put their trust in man and not in God.

If only they had kept their faith in God, they wouldn’t be in the situation that they are in now. They can’t rely on the United States anymore. The United States closed the doors on Israel and seem to be siding with the Arabs.

The United States, which once was a great nation is destined to fall along with England. This nation had it all, until it pushed God out of the way. This nation started it’s decline as far back as I can remember, starting in the sixties.

Just look at each decade how the morals of this nation deteriorated. Ever since prayer was removed from the schools in 1963, people increased their hatred towards religion.

Since then we’ve had riots, protests, assassinations, abortions, women’s lib (which helped cause the deterioration of family structure and jobs loss for the head of the household).

Homosexuals protesting and becoming a part of the mainstream, a rapid increase in sexually explicit material, child molesters, divorce rates, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, major corruption in our Government, kids killing kids and adults, it just keeps going on and on.

The United States hasn’t won a war since World War II and it is not going to win the next one. Sounds like history is repeating itself. What had happened to the Jews will also happen to us. England is also in the same boat. So, what’s going to happen?

I see it like this: The United States has been tested over and over again. Iran, North Korea and Russia all have tested us and what have we done about this challenge? Nothing. Do you know how happy that makes these countries? In case you didn’t know, China backs North Korea.

The Fourth Reich is on the rise. Russia, along with China (which they have been practicing war games with for years) are on the rise. Iran is rising and they are preparing to take out Israel (now that they have long range missles).

Once Iran takes out Israel, the EU led by Germany and the Vatican will come down from the north and take out Iran. The Germans are already positioning themselves for a war with Iran, they know that they can’t rely on the United States either.

The United States abandoned Poland, so now they are fair game for Russia and Germany. All because we backed down from installing a missle defense system in Europe. So it looks like Poland is going to be forced to join the EU.

The bloody Vatican wants Jerusalem and a new world order. We all know that the Vatican has had ties with Germany for hundreds of years. The Vatican is persecuting Jews all over Europe, right now as you read this article.

The way things look in the world, the United States has lost it’s will. The nations that used to listen to us, now laugh at us. The nations that used to rely on us, are living in fear.

One of The Dangers of a Rebellion Against God

The United States used to be feared by many nations, but not since it decided to push God aside. Now that God has been removing His blessings, our enemies no longer fear us.

Are you living in fear? Are you worried? If you are, now would be a good time to call on Jesus. Jesus will help you lose all that fear and all those worries. He’ll teach you and show you the way back to God. Without Him, you have no life. You can’t go it alone.

If you want security, then put your trust and life into the hands of Jesus Christ and find real peace and freedom from the bondage of this world.

The return of Jesus Christ will bring a new world order the way it should be. There will be only one king, Jesus Christ. Don’t be fooled by imitators and false promises.

May God Bless You Always

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