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Resentments Can Cause Us a Lot of Pain

There are no justified resentments. We need to get rid of our iniquituous behavior and resentments and recovery will follow. We must not be a stumbling block in other’s lives. Be free of the judgments that you make on people. We can ask ourselves a simple question like, “What I did wrong to others, was it worth it?”

No wrong is ever worth it, it will come back to haunt you. Also, we can ask ourselves, “Why do I want to harm people?” We need to clean ourselves up and make sure that the only account that we will be giving on judgment day are the good things that we have done in our lives.

Resentments come from pride. Our pride gets hurt when someone does something that we don’t like. Our resentments can cause us to be spiteful, mean or hateful to a single person, or even a race of people. This is no way to be, we have no right to be this way either. We can choose to be this way, but no matter how hard we try, or what excuse we come up with, we can’t justify resentments.

The reason why we have no right to be like this is because we are not perfect. It is not like we have never done anything to cause others to have the same atitude towards us in one way or another. We have no idea who may be holding a resentment towards us for something we did. We can always come up with some excuse to justify our actions even if we are dead wrong. This is our pride deceiving us.

We need to overcome our pride and clothe ourselves in humility. The more baggage we get rid of, the happier we will be. We will be able to enjoy more and more freedom from the darkness that pride brings upon us. As long as we are a slave to pride and the world, we will never be free.

Forgive and forget, that’s the way it needs to be. Don’t let others control your state of mind, or disrupt your inner peace, or cause your emotions to be out of control. Be free from it all. Call on Jesus Christ and ask Him to show you the way. He is waiting for you to ask Him for His help. God Bless You.

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