The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Where We Need To Set Our Hearts

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Where We Need To Set Our Hearts Podcast



Seek Ye The Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven | God | Hearts The kingdom of heaven: Luke 12:29-31, ‘But you, you must not set your hearts on things to eat and things to drink; nor must you worry. It is the pagans of this world who set their hearts on all these things. Your Father well knows you need them. No; set your hearts on His kingdom, and these other things will be given you as well.’

Focus on God First

What Jesus is telling us is that we should keep our focus on God by putting Him first, putting our trust and faith in Him and believing that He will take care of our needs for us. When we set our hearts on the Kingdom of Heaven, we will come to the understanding of Truth.

The one truth that we will come to know is that the things of this world are only temporary, vanity in other words and that they will not get us to heaven. Instead, they will leave us empty, constantly seeking happiness in the things of this passing world. The kingdom of heaven is forever.

Worldly things are only temporary and they can’t fill that void permanently like the love of God and His Holy Spirit can. In order for this to happen, we need to wake up our soul and bring our spirit alive by following Jesus and His teachings. Our bodies will always dominate our soul with darkness and cloud our intellect unless we practice the instructions that God has laid out for us.

We Need to Grow Spiritually

Human nature is corrupt and only wants the things that the world has to offer. Human nature wants everything that is opposite of what the spirit wants. It fears death because it knows that it is the end and it can’t carry on as our soul and spirit can.

That is why when we start to empty out the darkness that is inside of us and replace it with the Light of the Lord, the carnal mind becomes confused because it is losing control over how it regulates things.

Return Back To God

God loves us show much that He sent us His Son, Jesus Christ to help us, guide us and to show us the way back to God. If we accept Jesus into our hearts, He will be there for us and help us to overcome our corrupt, human nature that keeps us disconnected from God.

As we grow in the Light, we learn Truth, the truth that can only be understood by those that seek it and truely desire it. They also have to prove them selves worthy of receiving the truth.

The Truth is Hard to Swallow

Many people don’t want anything to do with the truth because they feel that they are going to have to do something that they don’t want to do. So, they continue living their daily lives and avoiding it as much as they can. They just cannot see the rewards and freedom that come from giving up this passing world and the things that it has to offer.

God does not want you to worry about the things you need. He will take care of your needs, all you need to do is set your heart on the Kingdom of Heaven. God will reveal Himself to you and show you just how much He loves you. His love is greater than any other love that you can possibly imagine. Let go and let God.

Always Trust God and May He Bless You Always

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