Our Human Behavior Can Re-act In A Negative Way

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Why Our Human Behavior Has a Dark Side

We have a problem with people when they do something that interferes with our peace. We don’t like it and usually we act upon it in a negative way. Do people, places and things bother us sometimes that much that we have turn to the dark side of ourselves that cause us more pain and/or discomfort or angers us?

If we would just look inward and take an inventory of ourselves, we would be able to see things in a different way. What we need to do is to find the things within us that cause us to re-act in a negative way.

A lot of the times, what we see as bad things that happen to us are our own fault in how we take them. It’s how human behavior has come to be. It’s easier to be negative, but to be positive takes a little work.

If we can’t control our thought process, then it can cause us to re-act in a negative way, it controls our emotions and behavior. It all starts with affecting our pride and from there, all different types of darkness begins to grow. It depends on the situation at hand whether it is anger, envy, lust, greed, jealousy, gluttony, impatience, resentment and so on.

By thinking positive and not seeing things in a negative way helps us to be free from the things of the world that cause us to be unhappy, fall into despair and depression and makes us worry or fear the unknown. Being positive gives us hope and we show God that we trust Him, knowing that He is in control and we haven’t a thing to worry about.

Taking an inventory and working on these things will help us to stay calm and peaceful. Human behavior and spiritual behavior are two different items. We need to give up our self-will (human behavior) and give our will over to God and take on His will (spiritual behavior).

Next time when things are looking gloomy or someone steps on your toes, just think positive, forgive, forget and move on with a smile on your face. Make the world your footstool and take control over your peace, freedom and happiness.

May God Be With You Always

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